KAI mini is designed as a tribute to childhood.

Jump into our KAI mini collection and you will meet lovely, huggable soft toys that work as both #bestfriends and soft furnishing together with smile making posters designed to decorate the kidsroom in a colourful and simple scandinavian way.

All materials are of course eco friendly.

Design by Josephine Blay.



KAI  large - orange Quick shop

KAI large - orange

699,00 DKK

KAI Animal-black Quick shop

KAI Animal-black

299,00 DKK

KAI dog Quick shop

KAI dog

349,00 DKK

KAI penguin Quick shop

KAI penguin

349,00 DKK

KAI Large - blue Quick shop

KAI Large - blue

699,00 DKK

KAI large - green Quick shop

KAI large - green

699,00 DKK

KAI large - pink Quick shop

KAI large - pink

699,00 DKK

KAI mini - green / SOLD OUT Quick shop
KAI mini - orange Quick shop

KAI mini - orange

349,00 DKK

KAI mini - blue Quick shop

KAI mini - blue

349,00 DKK

KAI mini - pink / SOLD OUT Quick shop
KAI Animal - red Quick shop

KAI Animal - red

299,00 DKK

KAI ABC poster Quick shop

KAI ABC poster

from 99,00 DKK 199,00 DKK

Little things poster by Josephine Blay Quick shop

Find KAI poster

from 199,00 DKK

Cat poster Quick shop

Cat poster

from 199,00 DKK

Polar Bear poster Quick shop

Polar Bear poster

from 199,00 DKK

Elephant poster Quick shop

Elephant poster

from 199,00 DKK

Flamingo poster Quick shop

Flamingo poster

from 199,00 DKK