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Pattern design

Great for textiles, gift wrap, wall paper, book covers, product packaging, interior design & home accessories, corporate design, web design or any other kind of physical and digital product.


Non-exclusive pattern design

This is KAI Copenhagen's non-exclusive pattern gallery. This means that these designs licence are available for anyone who wants to buy them.

  • Standard licence: Allows you to use the design for digital and physical unlimited reproduction that is not for resale

  • Extended licence:  Allows you to use the pattern to your requirements, for physical and digital products to resale and unlimited reproduction. 


Exclusive pattern design

We offer two kind of exclusive licenses:

  • Industry exclusive for end product industries. This means that the pattern can be used only and with exclusivity in one industry segment. For example: kids clothing, stationary, bed linen, toys, etc. 

  • Totally exclusive for fabric wholesellers and others. This means that the pattern will be used ONLY by the purchaser in a perpetual basis, in any kind of industry or item (physical and digital) included fabric by the meter. 


Custom design

This is our favorite part! KAI Copenhagen designers and artists are always looking forward to challenges and new projects. 

Here's where we can work your ideas and our creativity together for your project. And make it super fun!

Please contact us for small or big projects, we are open to any kind of collaboration. We'll be happy to send you our portfolio (to get inspired!) and talk about the collaboration, budget and ideas.


Read more about licenses for patterns