Hi there and welcome

"Hi. I am Josephine Blay - A Copenhagen based surface pattern designer and the founder of KAIcopenhagen.com.
As you have probably already noticed, cheerfulness is my motivation. 
Design & illustration is my love language and the aim is always the same; to convey a positive message and bring a smile into your life.

The City is my powersource and I take my daily, inspirational showers in the streets, where the people are. I love to study peoples mix of colours, patterns and styles and collect them as atmospheric images in my mind, until they unfold.

Do you have an idea for collaboration or are you are interested in commissioned work? don´t hesitate to contact me here."

If you plan to pass by my showroom and studio, call me first, to give me time to put the kettle on. Ph: +45 61 711 706

Designs by Josephine Blay can be found all over the world. Her colorful and happy designs are sold as both greeting cards, posters, printed fabric, cushions, knitted design toys and jewelry. Find Josephines designs in small unique boutiques and large Department Stores and Web Shops, but also published in Magazines, Books and on Social Media.