Why? Everybody needs a place to belong to - a safe place to call Home.

Safety settles your mind and raises your self-esteem so potentiels can grow and learning will flow.

To us Home is where you are loved and cared for - and where you love and care for. 

Dream!... We would love to see KAI as messenger of love and care who help this world to move forward towards a healthy place for everybody, that unite us as one human race of kindness and peace.


We communicate this message by design, because design is what we do best.

The KAI doll (our signature product) - Children respond positively to big open eyes and bright colours. KAI has a smiling face - big friendly open eyes - arms that can hug you - and a heart that you can see.

Posters - Put a smile up on your wall.  ABC posters and smile making poster motives that look equally great in a living room, kitchen, child’s room or playroom. They are for everybody and fits beautifully in homes where children and adults share room and space.

Cards - Lets greet someone. Celebrating cards and greeting cards.